Source code for legacypipe.bok

from __future__ import print_function
import numpy as np

from legacypipe.image import LegacySurveyImage

Code specific to images from the 90prime camera on the Bok telescope.
[docs]class BokImage(LegacySurveyImage): ''' Class for handling images from the 90prime camera processed by the NOAO Community Pipeline. ''' def __init__(self, survey, t): super(BokImage, self).__init__(survey, t)
[docs] def read_invvar(self, **kwargs): return self.read_invvar_clipped(**kwargs)
[docs] def read_dq(self, slice=None, header=False, **kwargs): # Add supplemental static mask. import os import fitsio from pkg_resources import resource_filename dq = super(BokImage, self).read_dq(slice=slice, header=header, **kwargs) if header: dq,hdr = dq dirname = resource_filename('legacypipe', 'config') fn = os.path.join(dirname, 'ksb_staticmask_ood_v1.fits.fz') F = fitsio.FITS(fn)[self.hdu] if slice is not None: mask = F[slice] else: mask = # Pixels where the mask==1 that are not already masked get marked # with code 1 ("bad"). dq[(mask == 1) * (dq == 0)] = 1 if header: return dq,hdr return dq
def remap_invvar(self, invvar, primhdr, img, dq): return self.remap_invvar_shotnoise(invvar, primhdr, img, dq)